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Mastering Dodging and Burning: 4 Techniques for Beautiful Photos

In this in-depth video I'll be taking a somewhat different approach to demonstrating dodging and burning. Rather than cover the actual painting aspect of dodging and burning, I'll be focusing on 4 different approaches and discussing which is best suited for various situations, the best practices for each and the limitations that come with them. The video is beginner t[...]

10 Best Photos of 2012

Although a bit overdue, I thought I'd share my 10 favourite images that I shot in 2012 and explain what I like about them. At the least I can use it as a yardstick for 2013 and aim to improve. The images are in no particular order as ranking them from 1 through 10 would be too daunting a task as my preference for one over another seems to change on a daily basis. Part[...]

Kelby Training Review

Having explored a great number of videos on Kelby Training for over three months now, I think it's time that I post a brief review of the site and make suggestions to those that are considering joining. On the plus side, Kelby Training offers a month to month subscription which lowers your level of commitment and allows you to try it out at a relatively low cost of $2[...]