The Ultimate Course for Fashion and Beauty Photography and Retouching


We’ve teamed up with PRO EDU to bring you one of the most comprehensive courses on studio fashion, beauty and portrait photography and retouching. We’ll go well beyond shooting and post production and dive into business aspects and the logistics of working with modelling agencies, models, make-up artists and stylists. My goal in designing this course was to show you everything you need to know to start building a great team and fashion portfolio.


About the Course

I’ll show you how to avoid common mistakes that photographers often make and guide you through the entire image creation process beginning at the team building and planning stage through to lighting and set setup, all the way to the retouched images in Photoshop. Throughout the lessons we’ll explore multiple lighting scenarios, from basic one light configurations, to complex multi-light situations to help you achieve high quality source files to perform your retouching on. We’ll cover retouching starting at image selection and discuss what you and your clients will be looking for in a variety of fashion types, as well as showing you how to get the most out of your raw files. Once we dive into Photoshop, I’ll take you through the tools and techniques that you need to know to create beautifully textured skin, polished details and pleasing tones. Throughout nearly 10 hours of video instruction and the accompanying interactive eBook we will cover:

  • Choosing the right gear for your budget, insurance and other business considerations
  • Finding and choosing a great studio space
  • Full length fashion photography and model testing
  • Model/fashion portraiture and shallow DOF studio portraits
  • Beauty portraiture
  • Finding great models and working with agencies
  • Building your creative team and avoiding pitfalls
  • Tips for high quality editorials, getting your work published and sources of income
  • Ad quality start-to-finish post production of 4 photos

A Deep Dive into Retouching

While the course is all about fashion and portraiture, don’t think that we’ll give only a short glimpse into retouching. With over 10 hours of start-to-finish instruction, this course could stand on its own as a comprehensive retouching reference. The key retouching topics covered include:

  • From quick test retouches to detailed high-end beauty
  • Developing a consistent retouching workflow
  • How to get the most out of frequency separation
  • Creating beautiful skin and depth with dodging and burning
  • Fixing common issues with hair
  • Dealing with facial hair
  • Understanding color
  • Color correction, color balancing and color grading
  • Various subject extraction methods
  • Making your subject stand out with contrast enhancing finishing techniques

One of the most important techniques for achieving a professional and high-quality finish is dodging and burning so we will dedicate a great deal of time teaching you how to use it effectively and efficiently in a variety of scenarios. We’ll cover variations that take a few minutes, to longer, detailed approaches used in high-end beauty and teach you how to overcome common mistakes that people make in the process.

What’s Included in Your Download

Over 15 hours of photography, business and retouching instruction broken down into logical modules for quick reference, an interactive eBook to serve as a reference for your shoots, interviews, a business podcast as well as workflow accelerating retouching actions