Mastering Color Grading in Retouching


About the Course

Continuing on from where our Master Dodging and Burning Course left off, we’ve once again joined forces with Retouching Academy to give you an in-depth look at color grading your images to give them a pleasing and professional look.

Throughout the course we’ll cover a variety of tools and techniques you can use to develop a consistent and easily repeatable grading workflow. We start at the raw level and discuss the considerations you need to make with regard to contrast, white balance, exposure, etc. in order to set you up for success inside of Photoshop.

In addition to Dodging and Burning, color grading is one of the steps that has the largest impact on the final look of your image and allows you to inject that signature look into your photos that can become your signature. Our goal was to distill an otherwise vast topic into a simple workflow (along with its corresponding action) that is easy and practical in most situations. Rather than spend a great deal of time, we chose to focus on real applications across a variety of image types so that you get a hands on overview of what is possible with just a few simple adjustments.



We chose a wide variety of images styles, from commercial beauty, to natural portraits, to outdoor fashion in a variety of lighting scenarios to give you a very broad range of samples to apply to your own photos.

Our goal when creating this course was to provide you with real-world, non-destructive retouching workflows to help you create beautiful, natural looking images and elevate your knowledge of color grading.

Although the course focuses on a few adjustment layers and how to manipulate them in various ways, this is not a course for beginners, and thus requires some basic knowledge of Photoshop tools, layers and masks. Despite these pre-requisites we do present each concept from start to finish along with all the necessary layer settings, so you can easily apply the same concepts to your own work.

What’s Included in Your Download

Over three hours of retouching instruction on color grading organized in logical step-by-step modules. The key video modules include:

  • Color grading tools
  • Color grading workflow
  • Raw file perparation
  • Working with high key images
  • Working with low key images
  • Color grading skin for beauty images
  • Outdoor color grading
  • Basics of B&W images

In addition to the videos you’ll receive a PDF guide along with the color grading workflow actions used throughout the tutorial and all the layered practice files to work on.