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How to Save and Sharpen Photos for Social Media and the Web

In this video tutorial I'll be covering a topic that I get asked about often: how do I output my images to make them look good on the web and on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, 500px, etc. We'll be going over two examples, one portrait and one architecture image and cover a number of topics including: Metadata Optimal resolution Sharpening to pre[...]

500px: Good, Bad, Necessary

Although 500px has been making steady headway in the online photo sharing space for some time, the company has recently started growing like a weed and just been named the fastest growing startup in Canada by TechVibes. For those that aren't familiar with the site, 500px is a photo sharing community which allows you to post your photo and accumulate a score on that[...]

Wordpress on Amazon Web Services Part 1

Now that we've discussed why I chose to go with a Wordpress driven site, let's look at how one would go about hosting it on the web. If your goal is simply to host a blog then you can do so by just setting up an account on and have it running on their servers. If however you are planning on launching a portfolio website and having full control over it[...]

Building a Portfolio Website

I think it's fitting that the first post for the Vibrant Shot Blog be about building your own portfolio website, so that's exactly where we will begin. For many photographers the world of web design and development is a far removed and scary one. I have the luxury of a background in computer science and strong familiarity with a gamut of web technologies. You may be t[...]