How to Reduce Harsh Texture and Pores Feature

How to Quickly Even Out Rough Skin Texture and Pores

In this tutorial I’ll show you a quick and unique approach to fixing rough skin texture and pores while retaining the desirable skin texture that keeps the image looking natural and professional. There are a few steps involved…

20 May
How to correct colors and match tones in photoshop

How to Easily Correct Colors and Match Tones in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you a unique approach to correcting mismatched colors quickly and intuitively. Unlike some of the other tools available to you such as curves, selective color or hue/saturation, this approach requires…

16 Apr
Intelligent High Pass Sharpening Thumbnail

How To Enhance Texture and Detail with Intelligent High Pass Sharpening

In this tutorial I’ll show you a unique approach to high pass sharpening that will help to bring out details like skin texture and other fine elements for portrait, architecture or landscape images. The benefit of this approach…

26 Mar
Stray Hair Removal Thumbnail

How to Quickly Remove Stray Hairs in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you a shortcut for removing stray hairs from a background. This trick will work well if the background is a seamless paper with a tonal gradation across it, or is blurred out due to shallow depth of…

10 Mar
Removing Colour Casts in Photoshop Thumbnail

How To Quickly Remove Color Casts In Photoshop

In this short video tutorial, I’ll show you a quick, intuitive and consistently effective method for removing a colour cast from your images. This technique will work for any type of image, not just portraits. While Photoshop…

27 Feb
Saving Images for the Web and Social Media

How to Save and Sharpen Photos for Social Media and the Web

In this video tutorial I’ll be covering a topic that I get asked about often: how do I output my images to make them look good on the web and on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, 500px, etc. We’ll be going over…

04 Feb
Eye Retouching Thumbnail

Complete Guide to Eye Retouching

In this series of video tutorials I’ll be taking you through some of the most common techniques used for retouching eyes in both beauty shots and portraits. The series is broken down into five parts and spans nearly an hour in…

22 Jan
Best of 2013

The Best of 2013

With the year drawing to a close it’s time once again to reflect on the year and pick some of my favourite photos that I shot in 2013. With a mix of landscape, architecture and portraiture, these are listed here in no particular…

28 Dec
500px Art Print Store

Introducing the 500px Art Print Store

As you may know, I’m a big fan of 500px and have been for some time. Prior to today, their marketplace for selling and ordering prints was quite limited in that it only allowed for a single media type in one size. That’s…

11 Dec
Retouching Lips in Photoshop

How to Retouch Lips in Photoshop

In this video tutorial I’ll show you some tips and tricks for retouching lips in portraits or beauty shots. Note that this is a more advanced tutorial that assumes you have a good working knowledge of Photoshop tools already.…

21 Nov